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Case Study

Datsun Spirit, Inc. is a legendary company when it comes to vintage Datsun cars, they are an industry pioneer when it comes to high performance Datsun engines. Their previous website was showing its age at 9 years old and with load times of over 5 seconds, they knew something had to change. 


Datsun Spirit, Inc. is a unique business within the automotive space as they offer the services that a traditional restoration shop would offer. However, they also have their own proprietary parts that they sell online so their website needed to be a fusion of an ecommerce site and a site to showcase their services. 

What We Did


The Results

Untitled design (88).png

Web Design

Untitled design (68).png
Untitled design (69).png
Untitled design (71).png
Website Creation

With the Datsun Spirit, Inc. project we wanted to really connect the website experience to the Japanese car culture that these Datsun cars are so engrained in. 

The colors, the fonts, and the incorporation of custom drawn graphics really helped us create a site that feels totally unique and 100% on brand. 

The new site is fast, intuitive and a significant step up from their previous website. We utilized the native WIX ecommerce setup and custom designed the product pages to fit the needs of the diverse product line.

And finally, we did all of the backend on-page SEO work to make sure that the new Datsun Spirit, Inc. website showed up significantly higher in the Google search results.

Contact - DSI
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