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We are experts when it comes to utilizing Facebook & Instagram ads to generate more revenue for your business. Whether you are a localized business looking for inbound leads or an ecommerce company looking to sell their products online, our winning ad strategies have helped countless clients just like you get the results then dreamed of.

This Past Year

Where People Go Wrong With Facebook Ads

Facebook ads and advertising online in general is a artform that most business owners make the mistake of just "kind of" committing to running ads for their business. They make some crude ads, write some okay ad copy and turn them on and let them run until they stop working and then they turn them off and wonder what happened.

In reality, running a successful Facebook ad campaign is much more than that. It takes constant testing of new ad creatives and ad copy variations, a deep understanding of your target market and a continuous set of eyes watching the ad performance day in and day out to make changes when needed to extend the performance of the ads.

At Aetheris Advertising, we have been running Facebook ads for years now in a variety of industries. We know the best practices that allow us to come into virtually any ad account and within just a couple months start to make drastic improvements in your results. 


What We Do

Marketing Strategy Creation

Failing to plan is a recipe for disaster. We take an in depth look at your business, your goals, the marketplace you compete in, your competitors and all the other extraneous factors that allow us to deliver a marketing strategy and a market research document that is as detailed as possible.

Pixel and Ad Tracking Set Up

Inaccurate tracking is the downfall of many ad accounts. We ensure that your Facebook Pixel and tracking parameters are in place across your ads and ad account so the results from your digital marketing efforts are tracked properly.

Ad Creative & Copywriting

The better the ad creatives and copy, the more effective your ads are in terms of ROAS, CTR, engagement and more. We will work on creating, scripting, modifying and introducing new ad variations throughout your campaigns to ensure we can get you the best results possible. 

Sales Offer Improvements 

Just having a great product isn't enough. The offer that you use when selling the product or service can dramatically increase the results. We will work with you to develop compelling offers to help drive revenues.

Audience Selection

As part of our initial strategy creation, we work to identify key market segments that we can target. Pairing the correct audience with the correct product is a crucial part of making sure your ad budget is allocated properly.

Reporting + Meetings

Throughout the entire duration of our account management we will keep you in the loop of what is going on with bi-weekly/monthly meetings and we build you your own custom ad dashboard to view the results real-time!

And More!!!

Real Results

Apparel Ecommerce

We took over this apparel brands ecommerce and increased their overall return on ad spend to 6.5x with just about $200,000 in revenue in their first 3 months.

Untitled design (51).jpg
Automotive Ecommerce

Over the past year we worked with this client to generate over $217,000 in Facebook Ads revenue for their ecommerce brand at an amazing average 5.64X ROAS. 

Untitled design (53).jpg
Digital Course Campaign

We took over the advertising management for this low budget baking course and totally transformed their results increasing ROAS by 100% and decreasing CPP by 50%!

Add a little bit of body text (10).png
Vinyl Wrap Shop Lead Gen

This window tinting shop asked us to fully overhaul their Facebook ads campaigns and we delivered by decreasing their cost per lead by nearly 40%!

Add a little bit of body text (9).png
Automotive Lead Gen

We worked with this chain of wheel and tire shops to overhaul their inbound lead generation and the results were truly staggering. Over 1,000 inbound leads in just under 4 months. 

Strategy Session

The first step consists of our thorough review of your existing marketing funnel and conducting all of our appropriate market research. After this we move into crafting the perfect paid Facebook advertising strategy that focuses on maximizing all of the aspects of the marketing funnel, optimizing customer touchpoints, audience research, and more.

Campaign Launch

After our research and ideation phase is done, then we move into the actual account side of things. This is where we begin creating the marketing materials we will be using, optimizing points in the marketing funnel, and building out the campaigns within the Facebook ads manager. After this is all set up, then we launch. 


After your campaigns go live we will continuously review the data that we are collecting from the ads and make our adjustments. These adjustments may include ad creative modifications, copy modifications and the introduction of new ads/offers. The more we learn what's working for you, the more effectively we can scale your budgets higher and generate more results for you.

The Path To Success

Ready To Transform Your Facebook Ads?

Then click the button below and fill out our contact form, we will be in touch shortly to schedule a discovery call with you to discuss the future of our partnership!

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