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We utilize the world's most popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, Pinterest and even Twitter to reach your target customers every single day. These platforms offer substantial scalability and reach. At Aetheris, we will use all of our advertising experience to ensure that your advertising budget is spent as wisely as possible to surpass the results you want. 

Where People Go Wrong With Paid Social

The biggest pitfalls that come with paid social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, LinkedIn, Snapchat and other platforms is a lack of a concrete strategy and platform knowledge. Too many businesses jump headfirst into their paid social advertising efforts without doing the backend research and formulating a strategy to follow. 

There are a lot of things that can go wrong when launching a digital marketing campaign from a lack of product testing within the market, incorrect target market selection, poor ad creative, incorrect tracking parameter setup and many more.

At Aetheris, we have years of experience working with companies with ad budgets as low as $20/day and as high as $1,500/day so we understand how to optimize ad budgets for different types of businesses. Our approach to making sure that your advertising efforts are as effective as they get is second to none. 

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What We Do

Marketing Strategy Creation

Failing to plan is a recipe for disaster. We take an in depth look at your business, your goals, the marketplace you compete in, your competitors and all the other extraneous factors that allow us to deliver a marketing strategy and a set of market research that is as detailed as possible. We will use this strategy and research to shape our actions and short term goals that we set within our partnership.

Pixel and Ad Tracking Set Up

Inaccurate tracking is the downfall of many ad accounts. We ensure that all pixels and tracking parameters are in place across your ads and ad accounts so the results from your digital marketing efforts are tracked properly. This may also include the addition of 3rd party attribution software tracking to ensure that we are getting the most accurate data possible. 

Ad Creative & Copywriting

With your ads likely being the first point of exposure for your potential customer, you want to ensure that your ad creatives and ad copy are as captivating as possible. The better the ad creatives and copy the more effective your ads are in terms of ROAS, CTR, engagement and more. We will work on creating, scripting, modifying and introducing new ad variations throughout your campaigns to ensure we can get you the best results possible. 

Sales Offer Improvements 

Just having a great product isn't enough. The offer that you use when selling the product can dramatically increase the results. We will work with you to develop compelling offers to help drive sales using tried and true principles like scarcity, urgency and more. 

Audience Selection

As part of our initial strategy creation, we work to identify key market segments that we can target. Pairing the correct audience with the correct product is a crucial part of making sure your ad budget is allocated properly.

Continuous Improvement

Throughout the entire duration of our account management we will be constantly creating, testing and modifying ad creatives and ad copy to ensure you do not experience ad fatigue.

Remarketing & Retargeting

We all know lots of people don't buy something the first time or even the second time they see it. That is why we build robust remarketing and retargeting campaigns across paid social channels to convert warm and semi-warm prospects into buyers at super effective costs.

Video Ad Scripting/Storyboarding

With the rise of video platforms like TikTok, it is now more important than ever to have compelling video ad content in your catalogue of active advertisements. Luckily we know how to write scripts for ads that actually convert and keep the audience engaged.

Strategy Session

The first step consists of our thorough review of your existing marketing funnel and conducting all of our appropriate market research. After this we move into crafting the perfect paid social media advertising strategy that focuses on maximizing all of the aspects of the marketing funnel, optimizing customer touchpoints, audience research, and more.

Campaign Launch

After our research and ideation phase is done, then we move into the actual account side of things. This is where we begin creating the marketing materials we will be using, optimizing points in the marketing funnel, and building out the campaigns within the respective ads managers. After this is all set up, then we launch. 


After your campaigns go live we will continuously review the data that we are collecting from the ads and make our adjustments. These adjustments may include ad modifications, copy modifications and the introduction of new ads/offers. The more we learn what's working for you, the more effectively we can scale your budgets higher and generate more profit for you.

The Path To Success

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