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Case Study

Gina Avino, who also happens to be the owner of SoulScents, who is another one of our longtime clients wanted to redo her interior design studio's website to make it more modern so it could help her acquire more clients. We totally reimagined the dated website into something fun and exciting that showcases the amazing design work that she does.

Gina Avino Design

Gina Avino Design is a NJ based interior design studio that has a diverse client pool and range of services. It was important to us to build a modern website that matches the design aesthetic she uses while also being able to showcase her almost 20 years of design work and expertise. 

What We Did


The Results

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Web Design

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Website Creation

With this interior design website, we wanted to make sure that the look and feel of the site coincided with the design ethos of the studio first and foremost. Potential clientele can be very picky about the designer that they hire, so it was imperative to us to get this aspect just right down to the colors and structure of the site.

The website layout is simple, minimalistic and modern. It does exactly what it needs to while being visually appealing, which is exactly what good interior designers strive to do. 

We included an expansive gallery page that featured multiple sub galleries of each of the core design areas that Gina Avino strives at. We wanted to put all of these subcategories on one page to force potential clients to scroll through and see all of the work that Gina does in an effort to potentially increase the value of said client. 

Contact - Gina Avino
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