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Leveraging the niche followings that various influencers have is an amazing way to put your product in front of people and knock down some of those initial buyer objections due to the nature of the partnership.  We work with brands to create a robust influencer marketing strategy to maximize sales and build strong long term partnerships.

Pairing Your Products With The Ideal Influencer

Within the last few years, niche targeting down to smaller sub niches has become increasingly difficult given the changes made to advertising platforms. However, more and more content creators and influencers are building loyal followings that can be leveraged to reach extremely targeted groups of buyers. Unlike more traditional media buying, pricing and principles when it comes to influencer deals are much more of a "dark market" that requires careful due diligence, which is where we come in.

Our Influencer Marketing Expertise

We work with businesses from inception to launch when it comes to influencer marketing campaigns. We will do all the influencer research, campaign creation, and price negotiations to ensure that each and every influencer partnership is as successful as possible. 

The Statistics

  • Influencer marketing spend will reach 4.6 billion dollars per year by 2023

  • 59% of brands have a dedicated content marketing budget for things like influencer partnerships

  • Micro-influencers have better engagement rates that macro-influencers

  • 68% of businesses plan to increase their influencer marketing spend next year

What We Do

Influencer Research

The base of all successful influencer campaigns is sound influencer research. We analyze the marketplace and identify which influencers have good engagement numbers and an audience that would be a good pairing for your product/service. 

Conversion Rate Tracking

We work to develop customized promotional codes or tracking parameters to track the effectiveness of your influencer partnerships all the way to checkout. 

Campaign Creation

We create the campaign outlines and individual ads/posts for each influencer to utilize during the partnership.

Price Negotiation

We will leverage our prior influencer experience to determine what a fair market rate for the partnership is and we will negotiate to get you the best deal possible. 

Holistic Vybez

While this was not a solely organic traffic partnership, we were also able to leverage this influencer content in the paid media efforts that we deployed to build a higher level of credibility with the potential customer.

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