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Your business's website is the virtual window into your business. And that first look matters: 75% of people base credibility on how a website looks. We work with businesses to create a stunning web presence that captures the essence of your brand, makes the user experience superb, and helps facilitate the results you want (sales, appointments, opt-ins etc.). 

Here Are The Facts

  • 94% of people say website design is the reason they mistrust a website

  • 92.6% of people say the visual aspect of your website is the #1 factor impacting their potential purchase

  • 85% of shoppers say that product page descriptions and images impact their purchasing decision

  • 75% of people base credibility on how a website looks

  • 73.1% of people say that non responsive mobile design is a top reason for leaving a website

  • 55% of website traffic is generated from mobile devices

  • 42% of users will leave a website due to poor functionality (buttons not working, slow load times etc.)

Our Web Design Ethos

Our website design process is not a "one size fits all" template kind of process like other agencies. Every website we make is 100% bespoke and tailor made to match the uniqueness of your business. We sit down with you to understand your goals with your website and plan out in detail how we can meet all of them in a unique way.


Platform Expertise

At Aetheris, we have tried pretty much every website provider under the sun from Wordpress to Duda. After years of experimentation we narrowed down to two core platforms that we work across: WIX and Shopify. Both of these platforms excel in the core areas that matter: customizability, ease of use for the owner and end user, and the ability to create a robust backend to optimize the business. 


What We Do

Website Framing And Design

With each website after we get the baseline for what is required, we begin sketching it out on paper. Each website is essentially its own piece of artwork so this phase is where we formulate the idea of the website and then translate that layout to the site itself so it is responsive across all devices. We will even create a brand kit and logo for your business from scratch to pair with your website if desired. 

Ecommerce Setup + Optimization 

We work with lots of ecommerce businesses in different niches. With all of our ecommerce clients we help setup the sales backed to ensure that the purchasing process is as easy as possible for all parties involved. We will help setup shipping, order notifications, automated confirmation emails, payment processing, the sales backend and 3rd party app integration to improve the buying experience. 


A major part of effective branding is storytelling, and we are great at telling stories. We will even do the copywriting across your website to ensure that your brand voice is conveyed accurately to each and every visitor. Whether this be more sales focused copy to guide a purchase or telling the story about the creation of your business, we will deliver. 

On Page SEO Optimization

Ensuring your website SEO (search engine optimization) is sound is an important and often overlooked part of the website design process. Luckily, we are great at optimizing your new websites pages to rank highly in Google. We do everything when it comes to on-page SEO including: page speed optimization, meta descriptions, image tagging, page titling and more!

Website Training + Management

We hate when agencies give you the keys to a new website without telling you how to use them. With every website we build you get a detailed instruction manual showing you how to do everything on your website. We also offer monthly management and upkeep plan for the client who doesn't want to do their website updates themselves. Our management plans include things like product and page updates, 24hr support and even blog post writing!

Appointment Booking + Lead Collection

Not an ecommerce business? That is totally fine. We also help service based businesses with setting up online booking and we help businesses with their lead generation through popup opt-ins. 

Landing Page Design

Not looking for a full website? Are you instead looking for a sales funnel to help sell your high ticket product? We also help businesses create and optimize their sales funnels on platforms like ClickFunnels to achieve exceptional results.

Planning Session(s)

The first step of any website build is a call or series of calls where we outline together exactly what you need from your website. Once we have an idea of exactly what you need we will provide you with a quote, contract and payment terms for review. 

Website Creation

After all the paperwork is squared away, we will begin working on building out your website. Once we have a functional version ready we will let you access it and begin pointing out an areas where you want revisions made. We will also create your branding kit during this process if you selected that option.

Final Revisions & Launch

Once our final round of revisions are made and you give the approval to go-live, we will launch your new website to the world! After this we will monitor the launch to ensure that everything is working as it should. Our management and website upkeep plans start here as well if selected. 

The Path To Launch

War Horse Industries

War Horse Industries needed a high-end custom website to help sell their totally restored Ford Mustangs. We created a website that to its core matched the ethos of what their custom cars represent.


We implemented our own proprietary "build and price" tool for each of the models while also writing captivating ad copy to appeal to the emotions of the car enthusiast buyer. 

This website also ranks #1 in Google for a variety of organic searches thanks to our careful use of keywords, image tagging and other SEO measures that we took. 

Conact - Web Design
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