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3 Marketing Tips That Let Us Generate 100's of Leads Per Month For Auto Shops & Detailers

Marketing your auto shop doesn't have to be a super complicated thing that leaves you guessing every step of the way. Whether it be your lead generation or your social media content, here are some great tips for you to implement to help level up your marketing!


  1. Who is you ideal customer? What kind of car do they drive? What to they value? These are things you need to understand before creating ANY marketing materials. If your customers are of a higher end kind for example that drive Porsches, you showing pictures of Hyundai Sonatas you just tinted all the time probably won't give them the confidence to use you and the same goes the opposite way. If you only show pictures of Porsches you tint then the normal economy car owner knows you are good but might think he can't afford you.

  2. Set up lead form ads, correctly. We run lots of lead generation ads when it comes to Facebook for our automotive clients and running these on page Facebook Messenger forms are a great way to generate leads but too many shops don't put the required effort in when it comes to these. For example with these shops a lot of people will run a lead gen ad and not only respond slow but also not link the lead to a CRM or even a spreadsheet to keep track of everything. WRONG. You need to be using the tools available to track these leads exactly so you can calculate exactly how much revenue your ads are generating for your shop (we set a free version of this up for all our shop clients)!

  3. Spend More Money On Ads. Trust us, this isn't just the marketing agency in us talking either. $10/day on Facebook ads is realistically not going to do a whole lot for your shop. If you are strapped for cash and that is literally all you can afford then go for it. But if you have the cash and want to really make a dent in your market, $20+/day is the number we recommend. Some of our clients are even spending $100/day on ads or more and killing it!


So go ahead and start implementing these 3 easy tips today when it comes to your automotive shop marketing and just see how much of a difference that they can make for you!

And if you are potentially interested in working with us to fully automate your auto shop's lead generation ads to bring you quality leads daily like we have for countless other shops, then click the link here to explore our unique offer just for shop owners like you!

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