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Should You Use Interest Or Broad Targeting Facebook Ads For Your Local Business?

A lot of people get paralysis by analysis when it comes to their Facebook ads account. We know so many local business owners that have never ran Facebook Ads not because they don't want to, but because they have no idea how to do it!

One of the largest areas of confusion that we see with prospective Facebook ads clients, specifically on the local business side is their targeting. People who aren't too well versed in the Facebook ads ecosystem seem to struggle with reaching their prospective clients.

This is a double edged sword. First off, before you even get to the targeting you need to make sure that you ad copy and creative is specific and engaging enough to grab your audience's attention.

After that, then it comes down to the debate of interest targeting versus broad targeting. Which is better?

Well, that depends.

See, for our ad accounts that we currently run at Aetheris, 80% of them run a broad targeting base for their cold campaigns and they perform very well.


There are still ad accounts that we have interest based targeting for because they perform a bit better!

Which is why we recommend that people test BOTH interest and broad targeting in separate campaigns to start with their ads. If broad performs better than it is our opinion that in your Facebook ads that you won't need to run interest based targeting then.

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